Wellness Dentistry Masterclass

"Join me for 6 weeks of live online sessions. Transform your practice to get away from the restrictions of dental insurance and do the dentistry you love." -- Dr. Katie To

Live sessions start 8/6/24

Ready to practice Wellness Dentistry?  You have come to the right place!  

The 6 Core Wellness Dentistry Lessons

If I had to go back and start this journey over, I know where I would start.  There are 6 key elements to Wellness Dentistry that are the gateway to leveling up your practice.

The great news is, you don't have to experiment and learn through trial and error.  I'm here to guide you and show you what I have learned through real life application.

Lesson 1: New Patients

Comprehensive, Efficient, & Patient Commitment.

I will take you through my ENTIRE new patient process.  This is not something we just slapped together.  It's taken years to get this process to the point it is now.  We will start with the phone call, teach you the flow of the appointment, and how I do my Holistic Oral Analysis.  

I want you and your team to be able to select the right patients for your practice.  Our experts, will walk you through our new patient call and selection process.  Once you have those patients, it's time to get them to buy-in and become a fan of Wellness Dentistry.

I will give you all the tools you need to make your exam stand out from your peers and show your patients why you are different.

Lesson 2: Dental Ozone Therapy

Learn how to utilize one of the most powerful and underutilized tools in dentistry.

Dental Ozone Therapy is no longer the future, it's here NOW.  Every Wellness Dentistry office will offer their patients Dental Ozone Therapy.  Ozone is truly an AMAZING tool for any dental practice, no matter how they feel about wellness.   

Many dentists grasp the concept and benefits of ozone right away.  But they often struggle with how to charge for it, when to use it, and how to get patients onboard who have never heard of it before.  And the dreaded question, "Why haven't you used this before?" Gasp!  

Don't worry, we will give you all the info and more.

Lesson 3: Nutrition & Bloodwork for Dentistry

Understanding the relationship between diet choices and dental wellness to keep patients accountable.

So many of our physical issues, dental or otherwise, come from our choices in diet.  We cannot control what our patients are putting into their mouths, but we can make an effort to educate them on how they can help their oral health through better nutrition.  We can also take a look at their bloodwork to share with them how these changes can help.

Dr. Dawn Ewing, Hygienist, Naturopath, and Executive Director of the IABDM will join us for this lesson to give you a WEALTH of knowledge on nutrition, bloodwork and how to talk to patients about it.

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Lesson 4: Microscope & Biological Perio Protocols

Transform your hygiene department into a Wellness Hygiene Program that is a driving and profitable force in your practice.

There has been nothing more transformative for our hygiene department than the implementation of our microscope.  Seeing is believing, and your patients will be begging you to get rid of the bugs they see on their slide.

Dr. Dawn Ewing joins us again for this session to give us all her best tips and tricks for microscopy.  We will walk you through our perio protocols and how to build your strongest hygiene team ever.

Lesson 5: Safe Mercury Removal & Conservative Functional Bonding

Patients will love you even more when you offer minimally invasive techniques.

Safe Mercury Removal is the process of removing mercury, amalgam, fillings from patients in a way that is safe for them, you and your team.  In my practice, we follow strict protocols to make sure we minimize everyone's exposure to this toxic metal.

People will seek you out for this.  It happens every day.  There are not enough of us who are performing this correctly or at all, and there is a huge demand.

We will also go over conservative bonding and how to save more tooth structure.  Patients who care about wellness will appreciate this more than you know.

Lesson 6: Aesthetic Dentistry & Digital Smile Design

"Aesthetics should never be the priority, but a beautiful consequence of the right treatment."

- Dr. Christian Coachman

Patients focused on wellness still care what their teeth LOOK like.  Using composite to perform smile transformations helps you to preserve patient's teeth and help them achieve the smile of their dreams.

I use this technique for composite veneers, missing laterals, restoring primary teeth, and posterior teeth.  There is so much you can do with composite!

I will show you how I use this technique, along with DSD (Digital Smile Design) in my practice and how it goes hand in hand with Wellness Dentistry.

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Bonus Content!

Bonus 1:

Team Integration 

After the core trainings are complete, you will get a special session with Dawn Miller, The Dental C.O.O., on how to integrate these new systems with your team.  This is a great session for your team members to attend or watch the recording as a group.

Bonus 2:

Dr. Katie's One Page Marketing Plan

The Wellness patients are out there and they are looking for you.  Dr. Katie shares her strategies for helping you get the right patients for your practice.  These simple and effective ideas are sure to help you grow your practice.

Bonus 3:

Private Facebook Group  

When you enter our Wellness Dentistry Masterclass, you will also gain access to our private Facebook group.  This is a safe place to ask questions and get support from me, my team, and your peers. We are here to help you even after our 6 sessions togethers conclude.

Bonus 4:

Q4 Monthly Accountability Call 

After you graduate from the course in September, we will begin having a monthly accountability call in October.  Every month, we will get together to answer questions and make sure you are implementing successfully.

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Wellness Dentistry Masterclass



Classes Start February 6, 2024

  • Lesson 1: New Patients¬†
  • Lesson 2: Dental Ozone Therapy
  • Lesson 3: Nutrition for Dentistry
  • Lesson 4: Microscope & Biological Perio Protocols
  • Lesson 5: Safe Mercury Removal & Conservative Bonding
  • Lesson 6: Flowable Composite & DSD
  • Bonus 1:¬†Team Integration
  • Bonus 2:¬†Dr. Katie To One Page Marketing Plan
  • Bonus 3: Private Facebook Group Access
  • Bonus 4: Free ticket to live VIP Event.
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